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Frequently asked questions

Do you take insurance?

  • No, I do not. Physical therapy is provided on a "fee at time of service AKA cash pay" bases and is considered out of network. Once your appointment is booked, your credit card is placed on file and will be charged after your session. This means you may submit a super bill to your insurance company for reimbursement of services provided. Depending on your insurance and your deductible, you may receive reimbursement. Your super bill will be email to you upon request. Because I don't accept insurance for payment, your care is not limited by insurance restrictions such as quality of care, length of appointment time, types of treatments provided and wait time to receive care. This means you get longer evaluation and treatment time, often a decreased number of visits with better outcomes and customized care delivered to your door. 

May I use my HSA for payment?

  • Yes. Once your credit card payment is processed, you will be emailed a receipt of payment. Simply, submit this receipt for reimbursement from your health saving account. 

How much do you charge per visit?

  • Sessions are booked for 1 hour and cost $260 per session. Sessions are 1 on 1 with me. No assistances, no aides.  

Do I need a referral from my MD?

  • No. California is a direct access state which means you do not need a referral from your MD to see a physical therapist. However, if you can get one or already have one, please send or provide a copy. 

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