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Schedule your free, no obligation, 15 min consultation now. We can talk about the symptoms you are having and what we can do to help. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about physical therapy or any services we provide. 
Online Visits

Telehealth physical therapy? You may be wondering, "How does that work?"

Well- It works quite well, actually.


Many patients I treat online don't have access to pelvic health care or physical therapy in general, so online care is perfect.  

Telehealth does not replace seeing me in person, but essential due to COVID-19 or if it's hard for you to make in-person visits due to work schedule, family obligations, costs, wait times, availability of services, or if you already have a good program underway and need to "touch-base" or maybe you're just not ready for an in-person or hands on session yet, then video visits are right for you.

All you need is an internet connection and a way to talk to me over my video service. This can be done with your phone, tablet or computer. 

Home Visits

Tough to make time to get the clinic for physical therapy treatment?

We get it.


It's our mission to improve accessibility to health care. We do this with mobile services. ​This allows us to see you right where you need us without ever having to leave your home or place of comfort.


No more waiting rooms, traffic, looking for parking spaces, getting time off work, finding child care or waiting weeks to get care. Life can be complicated, so we make getting care easy.

We bring physical therapy care to you. 

Office Visits
Don't want us in your home but still would like an in-person visit? No problem.
Following our mission to ensure you get the best care designed to fit your needs, we offer in office visits at Motus Clinic located 303 2nd St Suite 115C, San Francisco, CA 94107
Here, your session will take place in a private room in this beautiful facility located on the plaza level of the 303 building where the fountain and grassy seating area is located.