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Pelvic Health

Are you struggling with any of these issues? 

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  • Pre or post op care for Prostatectomy Surgery

  • Rectal/anal pain

  • Pain after cancer treatments or radiation

  • Post surgical pain

  • Leakage of gas or feces

  • Pain with sex/ pain with penetration : Vaginally (Dyspareunia - at the opening or deep) : Rectally (Anodyspareunia- at the opening or deep)

  • Pain of the vulva (Vulvodynia)

  • Pain or difficulty with insertion of tampons or pelvic exams

  • Pelvic muscle spasm (feels like your partner is hitting a wall when trying to have sex) Vaginismus 

  • Pain with orgasm or after orgasm 

  • Unable to orgasm/ difficulty achieving an orgasm 

  • Pain with sitting 

  • Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

  • Pelvic pain/sacroiliac pain/pubic pain 

  • Unwanted urinary incontinence

  • Pre or post op care for Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Urinary frequency/urgency

  • Birth Preparation (Vaginal or C-section)

  • Fitness during Pregnancy

  • Return to fitness Postpartum

  • Birth Recovery (vaginal or rectal tearing, C-section scars, abdominal wall separation / Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

  • Core Strengthening

  • Breast Feeding/ Carrying / Lifting Positioning

  • Painful bladder syndrome/Interstitial cystitis

  • Extreme menstrual pain or endometriosis

  • Constipation or straining to have bowel movements

  • Pain or bleeding with bowel movements / Hemorrhoids

  • Lower abdominal pain

  • Return to Sex